What is Scottish Country Dancing?  

When talking about Scottish Country Dancing images are often conjured up of lone figures performing the very energetic Sword Dance or the Highland Fling. Whilst some of our members can do this, and to a very high standard, this is actually Highland dancing and not what we are about on an everyday basis.

What we do is a much more sociable form dancing in sets of three, four, five or more couples either in square, triangular or line formation. We dance to live or recorded music typically played on accordion, fiddle, keyboard and drums which can be wonderfully up-lifting or more soulful in reel, jig or strathspey time. We use a wide variety of steps, but happily we are limited to only two feet so there is a limit to what you can do with these, and an even wider variety of formations dating from the 18th century to the present day! Scottish Country Dancing is a great way to get out and meet people, exercise the body, exercise the little grey cells and enhance the facial “lived in look” by deepening the laughter lines.

With some forms of dancing you could turn up, dance all night and not have to talk to anyone. Not so with Scottish country dancing. Because we are dancing in sets of six or more people social interaction very much takes place otherwise the whole thing will fall apart. It is all teamwork with hand and eye contact being a necessity. Before long all the set will be chattering about the dance, what they should be doing, what they did, where they went wrong, how to do it better next time, their holidays, the cat at home and the meaning of life. Well perhaps we don’t get that much time between dances!

You will be very welcome on your own, with a friend or with your partner; there will always be lots of people around to keep you dancing all night. Just don’t expect to just come and watch! Mixing is the name of the game. It's sometimes elegant; often very lively; but always, always, lots of fun.

Scottish Country Dancing is very popular all around the world so wherever you are you can be sure to find a welcome at a local club. There are many clubs in the UK and lots even within Kent. Indeed many of our members dance most Saturdays and even Sundays at events put on by other clubs in the area. Some members travel abroad to dancing holidays where they are tourist during the day and Scottish dancers every night.

As regards dress it helps to have the right footwear or at least bring flat, soft shoes initially. We would suggest that you come dressed with layers of loose, comfortable clothes so that clothing can be adjusted as the evening hots up. Whilst the men usually wear kilts at special dances it is not obligatory and usually comfortable casuals are worn for clubs nights.
Well that’s about all about Scottish Country Dancing, why are you still sitting there? Come down and see for yourself.

Just one warning: - Scottish Country Dancing can become addictive!

Medway & District Caledonian Association